Visualise your own data

You can visualise your own data in 2D scatter plot (such as volcano plot or MA plot, correlation plot, or PCA chart), or in line chart (such as time-series gene expression). Just set the attributes of your chart (all optional), configure the links for your data points (such as link GeneDB or WormBase Parasite gene page), paste your data, and have fun!

Interactive 2D Scatter Chart

The input data should have three columns (Name, X, Y) separated by comma, tab, or space.

+ Sample data for 2D scatter plot

1. Set details for your chart (all optional):
  Chart Title (default "Scatter Plot"):
  Name of x-axis (default: "X")
  Name of y-axis (default: "Y")
  Point color (default: "#333")
  Point link prefix (default to this website)
Show data labels? (point names)

For volcano or MA plot: if you wish to add lines on the X and Y axis, specify the line color and positions below (you can add one or two line for each axis, by default no lines):
Color: ; X: - ; Y: -
Example: Color: blue or #ff0000; X: 1 & -1; Y: 0.01 & -0.01

2. Please paste your data below:

Interactive Line Chart

You can use comma-, tab-, or space-separated values as input. Be sure to include a header in your data, otherwise the first row will not be plotted.

+ Sample data for line chart
gene_ID bM sM bT sT bF sF bO sO
Smp_000020 34.86 27.66 36.66 38.67 44.02 27.64 49.88 58.08
Smp_000030 246.13 233.80 173.86 190.92 275.60 214.61 304.78 241.16
Smp_000040 197.80 206.38 154.58 166.17 207.27 196.46 115.56 116.15

1. Set details for your chart (all optional):
  Chart Title (default "Line Chart"):
  Name of x-axis (default: "")
  Name of y-axis (default: "Value")
  Point link prefix (default to this website)
Show data labels? (y values)     Switch Rows and Columns?     Spline?

2. Please paste your data (with header) below:

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